Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Contributor

by Rogue

We have just added a new contributor: The one and only

This guy has been writing about apocalypse preparedness for some time.

Actually, we only got him to join because he writes more than we do, and we suckered him into posting all of his old posts here.

He's a bit of a wussy, really. I don't think he'd last five minutes in the aftermath, even in his armored dune buggy.


  1. In America a big part of our apocalypse preperation is stockpiling guns. Since you can't do that, what do you stockpile instead? Nunchuks?

  2. Chainsaws and flamethrowers are much more useful in Zombie Apocalypse. I am also an expert in Tai Chi, the ultimate zombie-fighting art. (Unless they happen to be the super-speedy 28 Days Later variety.)